Concealed Carry Leggings by Tactica Defense Fashion


Concealed carry leggings can be incredibly difficult to find, and regular leggings just don’t cut it. Whether you’re excited for a night out on the town, or a day at the gym, you shouldn’t have to be frustrated because you can’t find the right way to comfortably carry your firearm. A lack of options shouldn’t get in the way of your safety.


We understand that your wardrobe is complicated, and sometimes a gun belt just doesn’t work. That’s why Tactica has designed the ultimate women’s leggings, with never-before seen features to make concealed carry as comfortable and safe as possible.


Concealed Carry Leggings - Revolutionary Safety and Comfort


It’s undeniable–when it comes to equipping you with the best concealed carry leggings, we’ve accepted the challenge, and we’ve won.


Your safety is our greatest concern, so we’re the first ever to feature not one, but two pocket holsters in our concealed carry leggings that have a strong layer of TPE polymer sewn in to protect your trigger guard. These holster pockets allow you to carry in the 12:30 or 4:30 position. And for your added convenience…these leggings also feature a credit card/phone pocket!


For However You Do Success


Imagine slipping on a pair of leggings that are so slimming and comfortable, they practically give you energy. You feel rejuvenated, and capable of accomplishing all of your goals with the confidence that you are protected.


Our flawless blend of spandex and nylon creates a highly flexible and slenderizing material. The full length allows you to dress up in a pair of heels, or down in some hiking shoes. If you’re bothered by thin leggings that are practically see-through, our high-quality leggings offer full coverage without being too thick or warm.


Tactica Conceal Carry Leggings

    • TPE Protected Holster Pockets
    • Made of Spandex and Nylon
    • Thick, Stretchy, Material for Maximum Comfort
    • Cell Phone/Credit Card Pocket





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