Ballistol FlexClean Bore Cleaning Rope

  • Easy, fast and flexible
  • Three sponge chambers
  • Three pressure balls
  • Washable


FlexClean is a gun cleaning device developed as a result of input by firearms experts and users worldwide. It is an improvement compared to existing products with clear advantages:

  • A pull through cleaning device, that cleans the barrel and chamber of any firearm fast and effectively in shooting direction, without the need to disassemble the gun. Simply drop the brassweight through the barrel of the unloaded firearm and pull the device through the barrel. 
  • Three rubber balls separated by sponges woven into the rope, forces out fouling. The use can utilize BALLISTOL to neutralize and absorb powder residues, the most destructive hazard for any barrrel.
  • Compact size and easy application, allows for use when it makes the most sense - at the range or after the hunt. Just pull it through the barrel after your last shot. Ideally when the barrel is still warm (not hot).
  • Rubber balls, with their carefully dimensioned pressure contact to the entire barrel surface, will make sure that the barrel is dry and ready to shoot after every pull through. Without the danger of a different point of impact caused by an "oil-shot."
  • Chemical-resistant material (including sponge and rubber balls) can be cleaned with warm soap water for general cleaning.

Ballistol FlexClean Bore Cleaning Rope






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