The LockWrite combines two most frequently used police tools (a pen and a handcuff key) into a single design. The result is a functional pen that has been married to a durable heat treated ASP handcuff key.


The core of the LockWrite is a precision, high density ink cartridge from Germany. Each LockWrite is packaged with a spare ink refill. When a cartridge is exhausted, simply return it to ASP with a check to cover postage. We will send a new refill at no charge. For life.


The handcuff key of the LockWrite is produced from 4140 steel, the same alloy we use in ASP Batons. A matte black body is accented in Black.


The LockWrite pen mechanism was custom designed with an exceptionally long throw. This allows the ink cartridge to smoothly click into place to issue a ticket or write a report. It will then retract into the key making it possible to unlock a pair of cuffs with a firm grip and extra reach.


The body of the LockWrite is made by one of the world's premiere pen manufacturers. They routinely produce pens costing hundreds of dollars. This level of quality and durability is being put into every LockWrite. The result is a pen mechanism that rivals some of the world’s finest writing instruments with a handcuff key as durable as an ASP Baton. LockWrite . . . from the reality of the street.

ASP LockWrite Pen

SKU: 56247
  • • Heat treated 4140 key

    • Click activation

    • Spare refill included

    • Available in 4 colors

    • Long throw mechanism

    • German ink cartridge

    • Spare refill included





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