Select ASP Dual Fuel flashlight models are available in two different packaging/system configurations: either with an 18650 Lithium ion rechargeable battery and all of the needed charging accessories, or in a money-saving variant, packed with two CR123A primary (disposable) cells. If you purchased the CR123A variant of one of these models and want to upgrade it to add rechargeable capability, this Charge Kit contains everything you need. It includes a high-performance ASP 18650 battery, Link battery storage case, retractable USB-to Micro USB cable, keychain-sized Micro Flex adapter, 12 volt lighter adapter, and AC adapter (choose US or European configuration above). It all fits into a sleek, zippered ballistic storage case, perfect for carrying in a duty bag, glove compartment, briefcase or travel bag. The cord and adapters can also be used to charge mobile phones, Bluetooth devices and other portable electronics that use the popular Micro USB charge port.

The Charge kit is compatible with any ASP “USB” or “DF”-designation flashlight that accepts 18650 batteries.

18650 DF Charge Kit

SKU: 092608530386
  • • Complete Dual Fuel Kit

    • Battery, cord and adapters

    • Includes storage case





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