Are You Prepared?

Disaster planning experts recommend that businesses, churches, and schools have an emergency response plan and conduct drills regularly to make sure people know how the plan works.

As a church leader, you’re responsible for nurturing people’s spiritual lives. In an emergency, you may be responsible for protecting their physical lives.


Our staff can help you prepare by performing an onsite Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, developing an Emergency Action Plan, and training your staff for the unthinkable.  

Our consultants have a proven history in law enforcement, emergency medical services, and emergency management.  Let us share our expertise with you.  

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a process to identify potential hazards and analyze what could happen if a hazard occurs.  Our staff can help you not only identify potential hazards and their impacts, but assist you in a plan to correct those issues limiting your risk and civil liability. 

Emergency action planning

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a written procedure detailing the appropriate response to various types of emergencies. An EAP is an essential component of an organization’s safety procedures.  Our consultants will customize an Emergency Action Plan which can greatly reduce employee injuries, property damage, and can ensure the safety of visitors in the event of an emergency. 

Security teams

Whether you choose to hire our Company Police Officers for on site security or form your own Security team, we can help.  We specialize in organization and training of security teams to handle multiple types of situations and threats including active shooter training. 





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